Frequently asked questions

  • 01

    What is the current time schedule for DIP admission?

    Schedule in 2021

    - Application Submission: Open now

    - Admission Panel Meetings: To be confirm

    - Result Announcement: To be confirm

    Please stay tuned with the announcement on future rounds of recruitment schedule from DIP website and facebook.

  • 02

    What offers will DIP be provided?

    a. Max HK$240K Assistance in Office Usage: Free Rental for office premises for the 1st year; and Discount Rental for the 2nd year
    b. Max HK$280K Assistance in Financial Support: Operation, Marketing and Development
    c. Business Centre Assistance
    d. Business Knowledge Enrichment Programmes
    e. Mentorship Programmes
    f. Business Outreaching Programmes

  • 03

    How many incubatees will be admitted in DIP IV? In what disciplines?

    90 incubatees (including Fashion Design, Branding/ Packaging, Product Design, Visual/ Spatial Arts, Interior/ Architecture, Jewelry Design/ Media & Communication, Other Design Disciplines)

  • 04

    What will be the current locations of DIP?

    DIP CITA Centre
    6/F Clothing Industry Training Authority
    63 Tai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay
    Tel: 37938418

    DIP Wong Chuk Hang Centre
    10/F, 41 Heung Yip Road
    Wong Chuk Hang
    Tel: 37938420

  • 05

    How is the application and selection process?

    Submit application > Vetting > Due-diligence meeting with DIP Secretariat > Presentation > Results announcement > Sign DIP licence > Get started and Move-In

  • 06

    Who are the judging panel members?

    The Panel shall be chaired by a representative from HKDC (“Panel Chairman”) and members drawn from the following categories of bodies

    (a) Executive Committee Members of professional design associations;
    (b) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (e.g. School of Design or Institute of Textiles and Clothing, etc);
    (c) Hong Kong Design Institute;
    (d) Other design institutes/ designers of good reputation;
    (e) Entrepreneurs/investors from business/industry community;
    (f) Business education sector / lay persons; and
    (g) Small and medium enterprise organisations/associations.

  • 07

    What kinds of materials will an application company have to prepare?

    A. Emailing completed documents to DIP Secretariat
    1. DIP Application Form

    2. DIP Application Form – CV Form (One form for one team member only)

    3. Nomination Form from a nominator to the application

    Forms can be downloaded here. All completed forms have to be emailed to for verification

    B. Attend Due Diligence Meeting with Full Team Members
    After verification of Part (A) by Dip Secretariat, all team members will have to attend to due-diligence meeting with DIP Secretariat at an agreed time, and present to DIP Secretariat with the following documents:

    4. ORIGINAL COPY of Hong Kong Identity Cards of Each Team Member

    5. ORGINAL COPY of Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate

    6. For Limited Company: ORIGINAL COPY of Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, NC1 or AR1 form; or

    For Unlimited Company: ORIGINAL COPY of Form 1(c) (for Partnership)*, or Form 1(a) (for Sole Proprietorship)*

    7. ORIGINAL COPY of Education Certificates and Employment Records

    *Can be obtained from the Inland Revenue Department

    C. Submit the Following Documents Two Weeks before Design Admission Panel Meeting

    8. A soft copy of the design portfolio, such as pictures, photos, sketches, art works…etc., of the Applicant and /or other designers. The design portfolio should be the works of the designers as a student/freelancer, from his/her previous and/or current jobs, with clear captions.

    9. A presentation (preferably in PPT or PDF file format) which will be shown for 15 minutes in the Admission Panel Meeting to illustrate the Applicant’s business strategy, background, design portfolio of its key designers and reasons to join the Design Incubation Programme, etc

  • 08

    What is the language of the presentation to the judging panel?

    No Limitation (Cantonese, English or Mandarin)

  • 09

    Who can be my nominator?

    There is no limitation for whom can be your nominator, but your close family members are not preferred. Preferably a nominator shall be with experience in design, investment, running and/or managing businesses.

  • 10

    Is there any application fee involved for DIP application?


  • 11

    Can foreign designers apply DIP?

    Yes. Please refer to the “Mandatory Admission Requirements”

  • 12

    Can an incubatee apply funding from other government department (e.g. SME Fund, Polyu Micro Fund?)

    Yes. After DIP admission, incubatees are free to seek their own funding sources as long as the DIP rules and regulations are complied.

  • 13

    What product / project information is needed in my portfolio?

    Personal portfolios/ previous works portfolios/ portfolios worked for other companies can be included in the portfolios for submission to the panel members, but all works have to be clearly stated to avoid intellectual property issues in over-claiming or infringing other people's works.

  • 14

    What should I include in the revenue / marketing plan?

    Reasonable projection in the 2-year incubation period.

  • 15

    How can I submit my application?

    You can submit online or email the completed forms to DIP. DIP Secretariat will follow up with each eligible application after the completed information is received.

  • 16

    What is the difference between co-working spaces and incubation rooms? Can my company apply for co-working first and switch to incubation room later?

    Co-working incubatees will work at a fixed desk in an open working space rather than in an incubation room. The changing of space and location will be further subject to the incubatees’ performance, space/ room availability and the final approval of panel members.

  • 17

    Where can I get more information?

    Tel: +852 3793 8418