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The "Designers Connect" event was held in K11 Musea in early August 2021, during Mr. Steve Leung, Founder of  Steve Leung Design Group, and Prof. Eric Yim, Chairman of Hong Kong Design Centre, were invited to be the guest speakers to inspire our next generation of architects and interior designers on entrepreneurship and business development. The speakers' sharing session was followed by an introduction of representatives from 11 DIP incubation companies, who they were invited to make presentations on their design philosophies and works in the format of elevator pitch.

The list of DIP incubation companies in interior or architecture disciplines (in no particular order):
Absence from Island Ltd
agape design Limited
ARTA Architects Ltd
Land+Civilization Compositions Ltd
Litto Lighting Design Ltd
O and O Studio Ltd
Occurrence Ltd
Orient Occident Atelier Ltd (OOA)
Pocket Square Ltd
Studio of SAI Ltd
Square Matter Ltd