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DIP Webinar - Future Trend of Consumer Behavior and Design 2021


Companies are getting innovative with the paths-to-purchase, driven by consumer demand and technology. - WGSN

Ms Charlie Clarke, Trend Specialist from the glaboal foresight business, WGSN, shared the future trend of consuer behaviour & design in 2021, including 3 main consumer profiles: The Compressionalists, Kindness Keepers and Market Makers.  In the sharing, she curated who will be the dominate segments in the future, where they from, how they behave, etc.  She reminded Design Entpreneurs that they should ensure that good design should cater for the needs and preferences of their customers in today's business world, such as quick and easy trading platform, brand ethics and company value.  Besides, peer-to-peer sales model would become an important trend under the digital age.