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3 DIP Design Startups Forging Ahead


Designers are trained to visualise how to make things and life not just prettier, but also better. Some of them stay steadfast in their original career path, while others may choose to branch out to turn their vision into reality in the form of a business venture. The Design Incubation Programme (DIP) has been acting as a launchpad for the latter since 2006, and has witnessed countless brilliant ideas born when design marries business. Hong Kong's design startup landscape is growing ever stronger and more diversified. Let's get to know 3 DIP incubatees who are budding with distinctly different design philosophies and business models.

"With DIP's support, we are able to make more new attempts in our design projects. Gradually, we are establishing ourselves as a locally rooted brand specialised in sustainable materials." - HIR Studio

"With the advice and guidance of DIP's industrial mentors, we were able to develop a clearer blueprint for the future, from our business development to finances. It enables us to move forward steadily and take on the right challenge at the right time." - Charlotte Ng

"One of our goals of joining DIP was to promote our brand through collaborating with like-minded companies." - KnitWarm 

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Photo credit: HIR Studio, Charlotte Ng Studio, KnitWarm