Product design

Tobba Parfums Limited

  • Designer(s)

    Mr Jasper Li, Mr Adrian Yu

  • Client Profile

    Hotel Entertainment and Tourism, Interior Design & Construction

  • Target Markets

    Corporate Clients, Consumers, General Public, Male Market, Female Market, Parent-Child Family Market

  • Design Experience

    Esxence - international fragrance fair;
    Pitti Fragranze;
    Sales Campaign in Paris Fashion Week

  • Media Clippings

    FRAGRANTICA - Esxence 2022: Tobba Parfums

  • Awards

    Lane Crawford Creative Callout 2021 Semi Finalist

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  • Tel

    6110 9730, 9386 8109

Tobba’s founder Jasper Li views perfume as a work of art and a way of expression. Being a full-time artist previously, Jasper translated matters with symbols and reconstruction. Art is not bound by one dimension – this statement has always remained the pivotal point of Jasper’s work, driving him to explore different possibilities to express-including scent, which turned out to be his perfect creative outlet. Transforming visual language into scent, instead of paint, Jasper utilises fragrance to build layers, add depth, create texture and give warmth into his art. Creativity is an odyssey where Jasper explores his relationship with the world. Memories play a huge part in his inspiration, as well as each audience’s interpretation, trespassing time and defying any limits.

Jasper’s first olfactory enlightenment were the vintage sandalwood fans, scented wooden balls, and bottles of classic perfumes which belonged to his mother, and served as his inspiration since a young age. These memories silently planted into his aesthetic over the years, and have been rediscovered and incorporated into his creative process. The style of his scent discovery is rooted from his perfumery studies. He was instantly fascinated by the Middle-East culture of his Arabian peers, their appreciation and pursuit of scent from their tradition, using oriental materials, and hence its influence to modern perfumery.

In his art practice, he likes to juxtapose figuration with abstraction to translate his imagination, allowing individual interpretation. Likewise in his perfuming, the use of precious natural ingredients contrasting with advanced synthetics, leaves room for customers to imagine and create. Instead of telling stories, he is offering a gateway for customers to invoke emotion and establish their own connection with the perfumes in an organic way, which is in turn the true definition of Tobba.