Product design


  • Designer(s)

    Kwan Wai Chan

  • Target Markets

    Corporate Clients, Consumers, Female Market, interior companies / galleries

  • Media Clippings

    Sole exhibition

  • Awards

    1. Commission work for Mono (Michelin Star restaurant)
    2. Participated in Art Central - Made in Hong Kong 2022
    3. Solo Show at ISETAN Tokyo
    4. Solo Show at THIS Tokyo

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  • Tel

    +852 95788187

Éphēlis was founded in 2018 by Kwan Wai Chan.
The ceramic studio started as a personal project to
underline the complex Kwan Was has towards her body
while questioning conventional standards of beauty.

Femininity and intimacy have been the main subjects
of Kwan Wai’s work. Her first ceramic collection, "Femme",
was an exploration in form and function, celebrating the
female body and pushing forward the idea of flawed
beauty and acceptance.

Kwan Was’s work is created to offer a moment of calm
and clarity. Her ceramic encourages the act of slowing
down and the appreciation of being present. She has
recently released her fourth collection, “Dialogue", which
was created to suggest fantasies and taboo subjects
that cannot be expressed verbally.