Visual / Spatial arts

Messy Desk Limited

  • Designer(s)

    Jane Lee

  • Client Profile

    Banking & Finance, China Assignments, Education, Hotel Entertainment and Tourism, Information Technology & Telecom, Manufacturing, Overseas Assignments, Property, Public Sector, Retail Marketing & Services, Social Services

  • Target Markets

    Corporate Clients, Consumers, General Public

  • Design Experience

    IFS Changsha, Air France, IKEA, AECOM, HK Airline

  • Awards

    1) Winning Work Prize, JIA Illustration Award

    2)1st-Runner up, 4th Greater China illustration award

    3)Selected as Concours Jeunes Talents 2012

    4)Sliver and Merit, Graphic Design in China 2009

    5)Certificate of Excellence,

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    9424 2329

Jane Lee a.k.a. Messy Desk is an up-and-coming illustrator and comic artist based in Hong Kong. She is a member of Japan Illustrators’ Association and Hong Kong Society of Illustrators . Her comic drawing style is similar to the European “bande dessiné” , Messy Desk has a special bond with France. She was invited by Na Edition to attend the second biggest comics Festival, and received an award as an up-and-coming comic artist. She was also recognized by the French Art Magazine Get Freaky, and held exhibitions in France. Jane has exhibited in France, the United State, the United Kingdom, Germany and elsewhere in Europe. In 2015, She was invited by Urban Forms to create a mural in Poland.

Media Clippings: 
1: WacomHongKong    2: 經濟日報    3: 3HK   4: 點新聞   5: 香港01