Interior / Architectural design

Philia Earth Limited

Philia Earth Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary design company with a core focus on sustainable design that brings healthy and positive social impact to our society. The company was established on Earth Day (22 April 2016) with a vision to preserve the earth’s resources through our practice in architecture, interior design, urban planning, sustainable consulting, and education work. Green architecture is no longer an option in today’s built-environment industry but the solution in response to the anthropogenic activities that cause climate change.

We aim to protect the environment and to improve quality of life through actively taking part in green building development by seeking holistic, innovative, practical, and sustainable design solutions. Our company adopts research-based approach which means our design is supported by a series of research studies. Although innovation can be subjective sometimes, the rationale behind must be carefully analysed. From time to time, we carry out public education either by hosting forums or by invitation.

Our strong team is specialized in the design of high-rise office, hotel, residential, mixed-use, factory, kindergarten and preschool, elderly home and day care centre, etc. We have diversified our service to provide consultancy on heritage preservation, and also sustainability reporting and training. Please visit our website and contact us for more details.