Interior / Architectural design

White Ground Limited

  • Designer(s)

    Chris Tsui, Jason Kwan

  • Client Profile

    China Assignments, Hotel Entertainment and Tourism, Interior Design & Construction, Overseas Assignments, Property, Retail Marketing & Services

  • Target Markets

    Corporate Clients, Government

  • Awards

    ‘Lucida Basilica’ awarded Gold Award (Public Space Design)
    Taipei International Design Award 2018

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  • Tel

    91336926, 69767656

WHITEGROUND is a creative studio that provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for 3D visualization, design, and branding. We are a team of seasoned and forward-thinking architects and designers who strive to take customer experience to the next level with our expertise in Branding, Architecture & Interior Design and CGI visualization. 


As a multi-disciplinary design practice, we strive for achieving a consistent brand image for our clients with innovative and immersive design solutions across different mediums. We believe constant processes of trial and experiments lead to the new discovery of storytelling and identity. We aim to challenge the norms by exploring the use of visual expressions in spatial design contexts that excel people’s expectations. 


‘White’ to us, represents a space, where the creative process is started, like a canvas; while ‘Ground’ being the meaning of essence and basis, we hope our works are created on the basis of its pure motivation.