Interior / Architectural design

Litto Lighting Design Limited

  • Designer(s)

    Oscar Lee

  • Client Profile

    Banking & Finance, Hotel Entertainment and Tourism, Interior Design & Construction, Retail Marketing & Services

  • Target Markets

    Corporate Clients

  • Design Experience

    Emporio Armani The Gardens KL
    Emporio Armani Grand Gateway 66
    Emporio Armani Chongqing Starlight 68
    Emporio Armani Beijing Airport T3
    Emporio Armani Nanjing Deji Plaza

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    9686 7276

Oscar Founded Litto in 2020. Oscar has number of years' experience in lighting design in various sectors such as commercial offices, retails, residential, education and healthcare sector. 


Oscar is passionate about combining his established technical skills and creativity, to create a visually pleasing result with functionality in mind. He has completed his Master's degree in Lighting Design and LED Technology at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy and will ensure to utilize, transfer and incorporate his international experience onto all of projects he works with.