Interior / Architectural design

New Office Works Limited

NEW OFFICE WORKS (NOW) is an architectural practice based in Hong Kong and New York. It was established in 2014. Our approach to design is to build upon the vocabulary accumulated “then” while satisfying the needs and desires of “now.”

NOW received 1st prize in the inaugural Hong Kong Young Architects & Designers Competition. We work across all scales, from architecture and art installations to writing and exhibitions. Current projects include two recently completed restaurant interiors in Manila, Philippines; a guest house in Taiwan; eco-tourism development in Mui Wo, Hong Kong and an apartment renovation in Haikou, China. The office is also regularly involved in design competitions, and has received numerous awards, such as Second Prize in the Busan Opera House Open Competition.

THEN is a division devoted to writing, research and academia on architecture and the city. It extrapolates architectural knowledge from ancient tradition and contemporary urban life. It is the recipient of two Design Trust Seed Grants and is currently producing a video series on the everyday elements of Hong Kong architecture.

Media Clippings: 
1: 東方新聞    2: 東網    3: 明報    4: 新浪香港