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    Interior Design & Construction

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    Corporate Clients, General Public

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    2017 Asia Pacific Best Retail Interior Australia Award Winner, The International Property Awards

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Company Description

MLKK STUDIO (和建築), formed in 2016, is founded by four young designers and architects, who are trained and practiced in Hong Kong and the United States. The studio works on design projects with various nature, ranging from architecture to interior, art and materials research. Its vision is to develop a successful model for socially and culturally responsible architecture. Over the years, the studio has delivered built projects which celebrated the authenticity of local materials in a creative and respectful manner. The team is honoured to receive a number of international awards and recognition along the journey.


In the coming five years, the studio is broadening its portfolio to address social needs and conserve cultural heritage with architectural design solutions. Approaching this vision, the studio is currently leading a building project for a non-profit music school in rural Myanmar. Site formation has begun in early 2018 and construction is expected to start by the end of the year.