Jewellery & Accessories

Kinks Lab

  • Designer(s)

    Andrea Lau , Sam Chan

  • Target Markets

    Consumers, Female Market

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  • Awards

    1 Global Design Awards 2021 - Excellence (Category: Accessory)
    2 IDA Design Awards 2021 - Honorable Mention (Category: Accessory)
    3 Muse Design Awards 2021 - Silver (Category: Jewelry)

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    +852 62817797, 61103270

Kinks Lab is a designer accessories label founded by Andrea and Sam. Given the past years of immersion in the architectural field, we create innovative solutions in enhancing three-dimensionality in our accessories while bridging the missing link between technology and traditional goldsmithing. Living in a city that pursues efficiency, almost-identical skyscrapers are surrounding us. We base our idea on Blobitecture, in which it serves as a reciprocal to Hong Kong cityscape and manifests the freedom of a medium. Through our experimental and organic form of accessories, we strive to trigger dialogues among people - this is the ultimate user’s experience we envisioned.