Jewellery & Accessories

neu(neu) Design & Culture Company Limited

  • Designer(s)

    Puyuan Carrie Yang, Sky Xu

  • Target Markets

    OL / Ladies, General public, museums and galleries, students, designers

  • Design Experience

    Design for Corporate Events / Exhibitions (e.g. backdrop design, booth design, etc)

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  • Tel

    5300 9122, 5446 1926

Our name is pronounced as /noi/, it means 'new' in German.
Our name 'neu' contains our brand philosophy - 'n' and 'u' are rotationally symmetrical, depending on how you look at it, 'n' could 'u', and 'u' could be 'n' - we believe there is no absolute opposites, whether new or old, vintage or modern, there's a always a unity existing in what seems contrary.
We design boundary-less wearable jewellery and decorative arts, one exhibitable centre piece for decorative purposes is designed in each of our collections, and conveys the core inspiration of that collection.