Jewellery & Accessories

Sze Wan Jewelry Company Limited

  • Designer(s)

    Swan Chung

  • Target Markets

    Corporate Clients, Consumers, General Public, Female Market, Parent-Child Family Market

  • Awards

    2014 TVB Limited Co. the programme

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Swan Chung, designer and founder of SWAZ. Jewelry in 2014, it is a place in Africa, the original meaning happy, independent, and with a name similar to me. She strongly believes "jewelry is reachable and everyone should have own style", can find her philosophy in her designs. Everyone can feel the same meaning back by my jewelry. Engaged in jewelry design for many years, participated in exhibitions, studied Gemmology course, marketing techniques and different design workshops. Setting up SWAZ. Jewelry, through interaction with the customers to understand, providing both custom-made and professional ideas for jewelry and hairpieces. While using special precious stones on the material to create personalized style. SWAZ. Jewelry “touchable” to everyone with the surety of being 100% own style”, significantly in budget price, jewelry =/= expensive and affordable by everyone to enrich life.