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SPITGAN Magazine is the heartbeat of Asia. It is written in both Chinese and English and is meant for those with international tastes, interested in the exchange of ideas between East and West.


SPITGAN magazine represents the new aethetic of fashion expression and cultural value. It is the zeitgeist of modern dressing for both men and women. It is the indescriminant mix of brands to create individual looks tailored to individual tastes. We share the perception of our readers that brands can be appropriated into new contexts, out of their existing one’s, that brands serve to augment an individual style and vision. Our readers are informed, and possess the spending power to buy items that will suit their purposes, interests and lifestyle. They are attracted to enlightened, stylish design, and are willing to not only spend the money, but also the fleeting quality of time, to acquire such unique pieces.


SPITGAN caters to the savvy consumer, the trendsetter, and first adopters. These are the influencers, that in turn, are weather veins of style for the masses. SPITGAN is an original title unique to the Chinese publishing landscape. Our edit is the key. People read SPITGAN for its opinion and attitude. Our emphasis is to highlight the most noteworthy stories for their appreciation. All work in the magazine and website emphasizes a premium discretion. Quality of writing, design, photography and film. We are connoisseurs of a stylish, sporting lifestyle.