Media & Communication

Creote Studio Ltd

Creote Studio was founded by designers who are eager to bring creative and intuitive experiences to the market with new technologies with its focus on user experience. We believe that creativities flying in the sky have no boundaries, and it is equally important to land these ideas as it is to create them. We strive to research and develop the latest technologies and implement them with the wildest creativity, giving you new exciting experiences.

We have been heavily focusing on creating new experiences with Augmented Reality (AR) technologies that adds in a whole new dimension of sight, sound and interactive connections with the things around us. We also provide a wide range of digital design services that will help your customers engage with your brand.


Our Vision
Our vision constructs the framework of our roadmap and it governs every aspect of our business. AR is an emerging technology that will soon become a mainstream mass media, and we see ourselves as one of the major players in the field that inspires creative experiences and drives the upcoming paradigm shift.

Our Mission
Our mission is the starting point of our roadmap, and our roadmap leads to our innovation and sustainable growth. It defines our purpose as a company and sets standards against which we weigh our actions and decisions.
•    To provide new and exciting experiences to customers Worldwide
•    To inspire new ideas and innovation in creativity
•    To become the most popular AR platform

Our Values
Our values serve as our navigation system of our roadmap and dictate the way that we do businesses.
•    Leadership: Changing media information, in a fun and exciting way
•    Design: Showing the World creative and unique experiences
•    Integrity: Be truthful to hearts and souls
•    Passion: Committed to provide the best
•    Quality: Creating big smiles