Moon-Island Limited

Moon-Island Limited is founded by Hong Kong multimedia designer, Paula Cheung, in 2014 with the original-created IP "Moontasy".

The birth of Moon-Island originated from Paula’s serious illness: Paula has been engaged in fashion brand management for more than 10 years. Her perspective on life was forever changed after a serious illness in 2011 and she started creating a meaning story. After recovery, she resigned from her job at the fashion company in 2012. Paula converted her drawings and story into her own brand and wishes to wake up those busy bodies to revive and pursue their dreams - "Don't Let Dreams Be Dreams", while encouraging people to love and help each other. With this in mind, Paula was determined and established Moon-Island Limited in 2014. She continued to develop the story and characters, developing the licensing business to help spreading the positive messages.

The story of Moontasy is about love and dreams: Each forgotten dream becomes a dream balloon, and it floats to a place called Moon-Island. Moonkii is the keeper on the island and always save these dream balloons. Charlotte was once a lost girl. One day, Moonkii brought a dream balloon to Charlotte and led her to Moon-Island, where she was reminded about her forgotten dreams. There are many dreamers on the island. They love and help each other to pursue their dreams. That’s the brand motto “Don't Let Dreams Be Dreams”!

Media Clippings:
1: Moon Island press    2: 東方日報