Mrs Cooky Limited

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    Zachary Wong, Eugene Low

  • Client Profile

    Information Technology & Telecom, Retail Marketing & Services, Social Services

  • Target Markets

    Consumers, General Public, Female Market,

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    5239 5632

Mrs Cooky focuses on design and data analysis. We provides a comprehensive design and development services for every customer engaged in food retail, from online shop development, product/recipe production to graphic design. We help clients utilise design and technology to leverage their business.


We are convinced that everyone is different from others. Therefore, we combined big data analysis tools during the design process to tailor an interactive and personalised experiences for end users.


We will understanding your needs and marketing positioning, and provide a comprehensive design and development serve to build brand image and leverage shopping experience.


Our customers include Hong Kong Organic Resource Center, Lingli Enterprise Co., Ltd., VESSEL Discovery, Yipin Premium Frozen Meat Specialty Store, Laplace HK and Rizzy Italy.