The Hong Kong Type Foundry Limited

  • Designer(s)

    Julius Hui

  • Client Profile

    Banking & Finance, China Assignments, Information Technology & Telecom, Manufacturing, Overseas Assignments, Public Sector

  • Target Markets

    Corporate Clients, Consumers, General Public, Male Market, Female Market

  • Awards

    Hong Kong Design Centre DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (Category: CreateSmart Young Design Talent Award) , Hong Kong Tatler 'Generation T' 50 Young Guns , Antalis Asia Pacific '10-20-30' Design Young Guns , Golden Pin Design Awards (Category: Golden Pin in Font Design) CA (Communication Arts) Awards (Category: 2019 Award of Excellence)

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    + 852 91312369

Kowloon is a Chinese type/font design studio stands at the frontline aimed to solve Chinese reading issues. Our font products provide reading pleasure enhancement to screen legibility improvement, designed for both printed matters and e-reading platforms. We are proud to continuously improve Chinese reading life.