Deep Food Limited

Deep Food is food design for thought.
Deep Food was founded by Hong Kong designers Cindy Chan and Heinrik Ng, with a background in product design which they use to create exhibitions and unconventional eating experiences.

They continue to explore and innovate, and their designs reflect different living cultures and philosophical views to stimulate thoughts and discussions on the connections between food and the world.

Both co-founders, Cindy and Heinrik, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Arts in Product Design. Cindy also gained her Master of Arts in Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries at Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

In Design Incubation Programme, they are looking to expand its global roster of pop-up food exhibitions and immersive experiences.

Their recent projects include ‘Yes but Why dinning experience’ in collaboration with Artist Wong Tin Yan for the M+ Rover project, in which Chan and Ng invite primary school students to an unusual dining experience. The students share their thoughts and doubts about the table's strange foods and eating utensils. At the same time, they pondered questions such as, ‘To eat, or not to eat?’ and ‘How to eat?’. Making an analogy between ‘eating’ and ‘learning’, the artists encourage students and viewers to rethink their habits and look for surprising ingredients in everyday life so that they can cook up a delicious learning experience for themselves.

Courtesy of M+, Hong Kong